Yet again, another senseless act of violence…….!

The Boston Marathon is usually a peaceful event where people from all over the world come together to simply run.  Sure, there are diverse reasons but isn’t it just great to get outdoors after a long winter and enjoy the warm sun?!  Well, there are obviously some who don’t think so.  My heart goes out to every runner, supporter, bystander, staffer and anyone else who was there when two bombs were detonated on Boylston Street just a short while ago.  Let each of us utter a prayer that foolish, nonsensical acts of violence will one day be abolished.  Let us pray for those who were injured and for those who have died.  May they rest in peace.  When will terrorism come to an end?  Our God wants us to live free and not fear-filled.  Because of these acts of violence, fear is thrust upon us.  May the power of good always prevail.


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