Trinity Sunday

The concept of the Holy Trinity is one of the most complex theological realities that theologians have contemplated and debated over the two thousand year history of the Church’s existence.  The relationships enjoyed Father to Son; Son to Father; Father to Spirit; Spirit to Son; Son to Spirit – are not just confusing but require such in depth study and reflection that these few lines will not even begin to venture into that very tricky territory but there is a concept that I would like to touch upon and it is extremely Trinitarian in nature.  The concept that I would like to discuss is that of relationships.  The Community at Corinth needed direction and correction because they major rifts in their relationships.  Saint Paul, trying to keep everyone on the straight and narrow, writes to this struggling community and reminds them of how they should be living.  Paul writes, “Brothers and sisters, rejoice.  Mend your ways, encourage one another, agree with one another, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you.  Greet one another with a holy kiss.  (2 Cor 13: 11-12a)  These words helped to bring unity to the community living in Corinth.  What about our own community?  Our homes?  Our work places?  Our neighborhoods?  Are we living in peace with one another?  In other words, are we living a Trinitarian existence?  The relationships enjoyed by the One God manifested in three Persons is perfect and pure because it is based solely on love.  The Love that is shared by Father, Son and Holy Spirit bring unity and stability to the life that is theirs.  Each of us lives in the life of the Trinity as we were baptized into their life on the day of our baptism whereby we participate in their life and so participate in the love that they enjoy enabling us to bring the love into those relationships that are in need of divine love – that is, the relationships that need mending.  During Mass, before we receive Communion, we exchange the kiss of peace with those around us.  Perhaps as we so easily do so here we can find the strength that we receive from living in the Divine life to share that same peace with those we meet each and everyday – especially those we try to avoid. 


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