Thank you!

I know that I’ve been silent.  Sorry.  I have been rather busy lately but I wanted to check in and reflect on one of the greatest holidays on the American calendar: THANKSGIVING.  Each and every year, Americans from all walks of life gather with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for what we have as residents of this, the land that we call home.  Turkeys and stuffing; mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce; veggies of all sorts are piled high on tables and plates and we stuff ourselves on the plenteous feast that has been so carefully crafted for such an auspicious occasion.  Hours and days of preparation go into the planning and execution of this most beloved and treasured holiday but unfortunately, it seems to come to an end much too quickly.  It seems that, well, in my experience anyway, no sooner have we seated ourselves at table the meal is over.  You know what I am talking about: a teeming plate of food lies before you and after a eating a mere fraction of what is on your plate, the first person gets up to bring his or her plate into the kitchen.  It pains me when this happens.  What ever happened to taking some time to sit and enjoy the company of those seated around the table.  So much time and effort goes into the meal and it seems at times there is simply no appreciation who we have invited to our homes to share this occasion.  This will be my first Thanksgiving hosting my family for a late Thanksgiving meal.  I pray that we can truly appreciate and be thankful for the time that we have as a family to sit and enjoy not just the meal that I have perfectly cooked (hope springs life eternal!) but to take time to enjoy one another.  We all have such busy schedules and it is so important that we take the time to continue to build up what we have as a family.  I extend to all who read these words a most sincere wish for a Happy Thanksgiving.  May the time that you spend tomorrow with family and friends be an occasion to give thanks not just for what we have in our lives but also to give thanks for those whom we have in our lives.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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