I can’t believe it…I’m blogging! 

Years ago, four to be exact, I was asked by parishioners, some of the parishioners of the parish where I had served for almost six years to start a blog.  My response was, “I don’t have anything to say!”  Of course, if you had known my maternal grandfather, he would not agree with my statement.  And so, here it is.  I don’t think that I’ll be able to live up to the fame of Rocco Palmo (Whispers in the Loggia) or Father Austin Fleming (A Concord Pastor Comments) but what I do hope to do with this blog is simply to share a bit about me and my ministry.  I have been experiencing all sorts of new things since I became a pastor in June of this year.  As I recently said to someone, “they don’t teach you about lights, locks, leaks and loans in the seminary!”  Very true but what they do teach is that parish life is better than anything that you can imagine.  Sure, there are challenges but overall, the ability to journey with someone or a group of someone’s a gift from God and I am so humbled.  I hope (and pray) that if you follow this blog, you will enjoy it.  Not sure what it will accomplish but here we go….