St Joseph and Pope Francis

Happy St Joseph Day!  Don’t eat too many zeppole today.

As I was preparing for Mass this morning, I was thinking about St Joseph.  Not much is really known about him.  He is faithful when it comes to adhering to the Word of God; Joseph doesn’t question the Angel, he simply takes Mary into his home as his wife.  We know that Jesus is recognized in the Gospel as “the son of the carpenter” so presumably, Joseph was a skilled tradesman who used his hands to create and build.  Outside of that, not  much else is known.  There is an important correlation, I believe, between who St Joseph is and the job that Pope Francis has ahead of him.  As Joseph built using his hands, Pope Francis who was installed as the Bishop of Rome earlier today has the daunting task of helping to rebuild a fractured church.  A church in which exists division and discord; a church that has seemingly forgotten her most fundamental roots of loving our neighbor and serving those who are in need.  The example that has been exhibited by Pope Francis these last 5 1/2 days during his infant papacy have already given the Faithful and indeed the entire world the understanding that he is ready to build and rebuild.  As this humble Argentine begins to lead us as Pope, may we pray for his good health; may he continue to exude the love of Jesus who came to serve and not to be served.