Hazy, Hot & Humid

Alright, who has had enough of this weather??  I love the heat and the sun.  All of my friends can attest to that fact.  The humidity however is a completely different creature and I am so tired of it.  I celebrated Mass last night for the group of young participants at CLI taking place at Cathedral Camp last night and we decided to do it outdoors.  It was a lovely evening but that persistent humidity makes everything so “yucky!”  You know it’s bad because on my way home last night, I returned my mother’s phone call and she informed me that she had made the executive decision to have my father install AC units (why they weren’t in earlier is beyond me) but in any event, for my mom to have my father do that speaks volumes.  Despite the heat and humidity we must carry on!  I feel terribly for the elderly and those who are not able to take some refuge in the comfort of an air-conditioned space.  Take some time today and check on someone who is elderly.  Make sure that they have cold water and aren’t over-heating.  Remember the rubber bracelets that were rather fashionable a couple of years ago that touted the letters “WWJD?”  Well, today is a good opportunity to to put that question into action.  Jesus would want us to make sure that the elderly are looked after during this second heatwave.