Solemnity of Christ the King


You can ask my friends, family and even the parish staff: I love using timers!  I have a series of lights that are controlled by timers in the rectory.  There is a light in the living room, a light at the top of the stairs and now a light at the back entrance of the rectory that are all on timers.  The porch lights are controlled by timers and indeed all of the exterior lighting on the parish property is all controlled by timers.  Obviously, the controllers are used for safety precautions but I hate wasting electricity and so this time of the year really drives me crazy.  I am constantly readjusting the timers because the days keep getting shorter and shorter.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that the sun was setting at 8:30PM?  Only in my dreams!  The long days of darkness are upon us in this part of the world.  Despite daylight savings time, when you wake up at 5:30AM and when you have to turn the light on in your office at around 4PM to see what you are doing you know what time of the year it is.  The darkness can be gloomy and make us somewhat lethargic.  We become sluggish and sometimes perhaps do not even want to get out of bed in the morning…well, I guess I am projecting here a bit…but the short days that we endure this time of the year are my least favorite.  Soon, however, with Advent and Christmas just around the corner, people will begin decorating their homes with lights; trees will shine brightly arrayed with resplendent colors and white lights; in windows, candles will burn brightly as we await the new born King.  Before we welcome him, however, we celebrate this last Sunday in Ordinary Time as we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King.  As we read in the Second reading this Sunday, the King brightens the world.   Read again the words we hear from the letter that Saint Paul sent to the Community at Colossae in the Lycus Valley in Asia Minor: “He [Jesus] delivered us from the power of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”  (Col. 1:13-14)  Despite the darkness that surrounds us at this time of the year, Jesus has pulled us out of the darkness and has brought us into the light.  Jesus is the “timer” for each of the baptized but the great news for type A personalities like yours truly, we never have to worry about adjusting the time.  Jesus sets the times and seasons; he brightens and illumines our days and helps us to live as children of the light.


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