Sixth Sunday of Easter…let there be peace!

Oftentimes, when we encounter the figure of Saint Peter in the Gospel he sometimes can come across as clueless.  Seriously.  He asks the Lord silly questions sometimes and of course, we know that he even denied Him thrice.  The irony of the figure of Peter is that despite all of his antics, he is a fierce defender of Christ both during Jesus’s life and ministry and in a most profound way after the Resurrection.  I guess Jesus forgives his lapse of judgment since when He first greets his disciples he does not scold them but rather gives them the gift of peace.  As we celebrate the 6th Sunday of Easter, we read from the writings of Saint Peter.  This one time defector has become a staunch defender of everything that Christ stands for both during his earthly ministry and by what he accomplished by His Passion, Death and Glorious Resurrection.  Peter, who once lost hope as evidenced by his denial of knowing Jesus and then by running away, is singing a much happier tune.  Peter writes, “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear.”  (1 PT 3:15-16)  For the Christian, hope is sometimes the only thing we have but Peter reminds us that we must cling tightly to this hope sharing it with those who have no hope.  When our co-workers, family members and friends come to us looking for purpose and a reason for finding joy in life do we heed the words of Saint Peter and share with the hopeless our reason for hope?  Sometimes we might find it too laborious to do that preferring to take the easy way out and dismissing the needs of others.  Christians are hope seekers and hope fulfillers.  Perhaps at some point during this coming week we will encounter someone who needs to be lifted up.  May we be the conduit through which the Lord allows His Grace to flow.


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