Second Sunday of Lent


This past November, our Parish Family opened wide its’ doors to welcome home those who had stopped practicing their faith for whatever reason.  That Saint Mary’s Parish Pastoral Council thought that there was a definite need for people to know that we are here to help more fallen away Catholic Christians know that if they walk through the doors of this warm, embracing Community of Faith, their needs will be met.  The weekend, which I deemed a success, was not simply a one time event.  Each and every day, we are called to welcome home the stranger; to lead back the lost and to ensure that those who have spiritual needs met will have those needs met here at Saint Mary’s.  I was reminded of the “Welcome Home Weekend” when I read the brief words that we hear proclaimed this 2nd Sunday of Lent from the Book of Genesis.  The redactor of the First Book of the Pentateuch reminds us what will happen when we are a community of faith who welcomes the presence of God as we welcome home those who are lost. “All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you.”  (Gn. 12:3)  It should be the fervent prayer of each and every parishioner that those who come through the doors of our Church building should experience that blessing in us because we are called to exhibit that pastoral care and charity which warms the heart and gives the stranger moral certainty that Christ dwells in our community of faith and that by being with us and by being a part of us they experience the blessing of God.


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