Second Sunday of Easter – Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good!

Happy Easter!  The jelly beans might be a little stale; the sugar on the Peeps might be hard and all of the stores have been touting that “ALL EASTER CANDY IS 50% OFF” but our Easter celebration is as palpable as it was on Easter Sunday.  We must continue to sing the Lord’s praises and sing Alleluia!  We journeyed through Lent for 40 days (sometimes it felt much longer that!) and know we bask in His Glory for the next 50 days!  Our Psalm Response this Second Sunday of Easter sums up in just a few brief words what this time of Easter should be for us a time of happiness and joy. 


Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, his love is everlasting


He is indeed GOOD as the sacrifice of Jesus has brought us everlasting life but the example of Jesus teaches disciples a valuable life lesson: He loves us so much that He gave His very own life so that we can live and we are asked to simply to follow His example by laying down our life for our friends.  Sometimes we might be forced to deny ourselves certain things for the good of another.  That follows the example of Jesus.  When we make ourselves second and think of the needs of another first, we follow the example of Jesus.  Just because we have shed the penitential season of Lent we are still called to give of ourselves so that His Kingdom will continue to be built up here in Dartmouth.  Amen!  Alleluia!  He is Risen just as He said! 



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