Passion Sunday

And so it begins!  Holy Week is upon us and we are now journeying to Calvary.  It was so nice to see so many visitors at Masses this weekend.  If you are reading this and were one of the visitors this weekend to St Mary’s, please know that you are ALWAYS welcome to join us. 

Palm or Passion Sunday is a day when we reflect; a day when we should take some time to think about what Jesus did for each of us.  He selfless sacrifice is an invitation extended to each of us when we can reflect on how we treat others in our lives.  Perhaps there is a past hurt that we refuse to let go of and allow it to weigh us down; perhaps it is anger and resentment that so consumes us that we cannot even think straight.  Palm Sunday ushers in Holy Week and so, let us keep it as such.  As we mark the days of Holy Week, we are invited to shed from our lives those things that are pointless and focus on what is truly important, namely, the very fact that Jesus loved us so very much that He suffered, died and rose for us.  Jesus’ very own victory over suffering and death needs to be that which sustains us when we are at the point of desperation; it is this victory that points us in the direction of heaven and the new life that we now live because of Jesus’ love for us.  Let us keep Holy Week holy so that our joy might be complete!


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