Merry Christmas Eve….

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the town every creature is stirring….

I made the mistake of traveling less than a mile after the 7AM morning Mass today.  I need’t to purchase rolls at the bakery; drop off some Church related items at the dry-cleaners and stop at the store to get some bubbly to bring to my parents house tomorrow so that we can have a toast as we celebrate the birth of our Redeemer.  I told the parish secretary that I would be back in 20 minutes or so well… hour and 15 minutes later I have finally returned.  Honestly, I did not realize so many people live in Dartmouth.  Dartmouth Street resembles the Southeast Express Way in Boston at rush hour.  What is everyone out getting?  Oh, the stuff we could easily have purchased days ago.  No, I am not trying to be a cynic but oh dear!  You would think that the Eschaton is upon us.  To a certain extent, it is.  It is not the end of the ages when Christ make the final judgment but we are preparing to celebrate the dawn of our salvation.  I guess that should be reason for great excitement for the birth of Jesus is the reason for us to rejoice but we also need time to reflect and prayerfully prepare for the realization that we take time to ponder why God would want to become one of us.  If you take the time to read these words, take a few moments during this most hectic day of the year and stop!  Stop and thank God for sending us His very own Son.  That is the real gift that cannot be replaced by trees and turkeys; gifts and goodies; decorations and decadence.  A Happy and Holy Christmas!



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