Is it vacation time yet?

Last night, while having dinner with some friends, I was informed that I needed to add a blog posting.  I know, it’s been quiet on this page but not because I’ve been sitting around doing nothing.  For example, take today, Saturday, 20 October.  I had a committal at the cemetery (in that awful drizzle) at 9AM.  I then went and made the rounds at St. Luke’s.  Returned to Saint Mary’s to pop and and say hi to the kiddies at Faith Formation.  Next was a funeral at 11.  I had a couple come in for a wedding appointment @ 12:30 (they’re late!) and a wedding at 2.  Of course, I also have Confessions @ 3 and Mass @ 4.  Life is certainly much more different these days….a good different, of course, but it all leaves me longing for hazy, lazy days of summer.  The gray days of October surely changes ones’ disposition (note the last posting).  In any event, I will be taking 5 days off this week (Monday thru Friday) and wish that I were already there.  Each of us must realize that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we are useless to those who might turn to us for assistance.  Despite being “just a phone call away” I am truly looking forward to a bit of R&R as I know that November and December will present their own challenges.  Have a great weekend!


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