In like a lion…out like a lion…Oh goodbye March!

What a winter this has been!  The cold descended upon us in early October and it has tightly held its’ nasty grip on us right up to the very last day of March.  I have to admit, I was a bit surprised this morning when, while walking down to celebrate the 8AM Mass, hard little snowflakes decided to slap my face.  How harsh!  The snow was gone by the end of Mass and it actually looked like the sun was trying to peek through…not!  Late morning, I got into my car and drove to Fall River to visit a parishioner at a hospital there.  Well, one could have easily thought it the end of January as the snow came down and actually caused white-put conditions for a few minutes.  Is it really March 31st?  Yes it is and even though tomorrow is April Fool’s Day each of us should embrace the reality that the calendar is just about to turn the page and things MUST get better from here!


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