Holy Saturday

And now we wait…..!

It has been a hectic day of making certain that all of the proverbial “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed.  When we began using the newest translation the First Sunday of Advent two years ago, I never thought that it would have such an impact on preparatory work that I had done in the past to have a Triduum presider’s book at my fingertips.  Of course, it is now all no good.  Today, I spent a good deal of time getting all of the rites together so that I can simply turn the pages and not have to constantly worry about the next thing!  Doesn’t it actually sound like I want to enjoy and pray!  The Sacred Liturgy of tonight is the most intricate and even though I have celebrated it before, it is usually a nerve-wracking experience leading up to the celebration.  Hence the reason that I have put that down for a while and have decided to say hello and to ask that you keep the 2 adults who will be baptized and the three candidates who will be received and Confirm their faith at our Easter Vigil here at Saint Mary’s.  Despite all of the intricate and sometimes tricky liturgical moments that will transpire tonight in parishes around the world, it is still so comforting to know that the Spirit of God is continually breathing new life in His Church.  With that thought, Happy Easter!


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