Fourth Sunday of Advent…



What would you have done?  Think about it: you find out the person you are to marry is pregnant and you know that the child is not yours.  You are reassured by an angel that it’s okay: the child you are being asked to raise is God’s very own Son.  Don’t worry, don’t be afraid.  Just do what God asks you to do and all will go well.  Joseph I am sure was left scratching his head.  What do I do?  Do I trust and believe or do I run and divorce my betrothed?  Of course, we know that the faith of Joseph the Righteous is an amazing testament to his character and determination to follow the Will of God.  But the question still persists: what would I have done?  Is my faith strong enough to give me the courage to trust and believe that God would expect greatness from me?  Of course, each and every baptized Catholic Christian is called to greatness; we are called, each and every day to put into practice the promises that were accepted for us on the day of our baptism and then we confirmed on the day when we were sealed with the fullness of God’s Spirit on the day of our Confirmation.  Greatness!  It sounds like something for the “holy roller” not something for the ordinary person but that is the point of discipleship.    Saints are merely followers of Jesus who lived life well.  The embraced a universal call to holiness and exemplified what greatness really is: greatness is nothing out of the ordinary!  We give great witness to greatness when we are kind; loving; forgiving and generous.  At the beginning of the season of Advent, we placed two trees at the main entrance of the Church and hundreds of tags were placed on the trees and we were asked to help those in need.  I saw greatness as the tags quickly disappeared.  None of us is going to get public recognition for purchasing an item or two.  We simply took the tags and returned the items without having our names attached in anyway to the gifts.  It sounds overly simplistic but my brothers and sisters, that is a tangible example of greatness.  As the days of Advent quickly come to a close, might we continue to call out to the Lord, Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus!  Continue to give us generous hearts that teem with an abundance of compassion and concern for those who need to know that they too are capable of greatness!


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