Fourth Sunday of Advent

From Father Rodney

Well, the Fourth Week of Advent will officially be 16 hours long. Not counting the Saturday, The final week of Advent will technically begin at midnight on Sunday, December 24th and will end with the vigil Mass of Christmas set to be celebrated at 4pm Sunday afternoon. An entire week of Advent in 16 hours! My guess is that we won’t be able to accomplish much in those few hours but rather, we will spend our time putting the final touches on the Christmas holiday. Making sure the house is ready to greet family and friends who will visit; making sure all of our gifts are wrapped; the final touches on those special food items that are only made for the Christmas holiday and any other number of things that we will need for the days to come. The great season of hope and expectation was certainly cut short this year but God has still used these 22 days to help prepare us for the coming of Christ at the end of time but also to celebrate His Birth as an infant child. In the crazy, hectic time leading up to December 25th hopefully we’ve reflected on the real gift that we are about to celebrate. God loved us so much that He sent us His very own Son as a gift to each of us. The gift that allows us to enter into a real relationship with our God – our God who came to make His home among us. God wanted to know what it was like to laugh and cry; to experience pain and joy; to know love and forgiveness. As we give gifts and receive them this Christmas season, let us hold tight to the perfect gift of Jesus that God has given to us out of pure, selfless love. Come Lord Jesus, come now do not delay. Merry Christmas!

January 1, 2018 Mary, Mother of God

January 1st is usually a holy day of obligation but this year, since Mary, Mother of God falls on a Monday, it is not a holy day of obligation. To that end, there will only be one daily Mass @ 8AM. It would, however, be a nice way to begin the year. Perhaps you will consider attending the daily Mass as we begin a new year.


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