Fifth Sunday of Easter…the gift of lasting peace


One of the most heartening things about the Gospel is that Jesus always, always seeks to reassure and comfort those who turn to Him.  This Fifth Sunday of Easter, we hear proclaimed the words of Jesus in John’s Gospel that certainly reassure and bring comfort.  Oftentimes, I use this section of John’s Gospel at funerals because it concretely gives us hope in God’s Kingdom.  Jesus, at first, does what he does best.  He reminds his disciples that they have no reason to worry.  “Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me.’” (Jn 14:1)  Sometimes our hearts and minds to tend to worry and our troubled but that is why we must always turn to the Resurrected one who restores a sense of hope and purpose in the lives of his disciples.  The second thing that Jesus does is that he instills in us the hope of God’s Kingdom.  “In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.  If there were not, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again and take you to myself, so that where I am you also may be.  Where I am going you know the way.” (Jn 14: 2-4)  The reality is that we do await God’s Kingdom.  In this translation, Jesus says that he is going to prepare a place for us.  In the translation that we used for years, the “place” was described as a mansion, lending a sense of greater opulence to what God’s Kingdom is like.  Jesus seeks to reassure his disciples that He will always be there for them, for us.  Life can sometimes throw us curve ball after curve ball but Jesus gives us reassurance as we quietly endure the agony of the cross.  As we continue our journey through Easter, the crosses in our lives are still present but a sense of hope and peace come with the Resurrection.  My friends, to quote Jesus, “Do not let your hearts be troubled” He is always present walking with us through the trials and tribulations of life.  What a reason to find true and lasting peace!


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