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Due to the current events our office is closed until further notice.

A Catholic Guide to Talking to your Children about Covid-19

Please feel free to call us at 508-992-7505 as we will be checking messages
or email us at

New: 2020-2021 Registration Form & Schedules posted below in Forms Section

Resources for Teens Click Here

Holy Week Family Devotional – At Home Activities

Adaptable Easter Egg Hunt for Families

Loyola Press Lent Resources

Catholic Mom Lenten Resources

Catholic Icing Lenten Activities

The Catholic Kid

Faith Formation

“The future of the world and of the Church passes through the family.”

Pope John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio



Faith Formation Resources for Families

The Bible App for Kids 

The Bible app for kids is a free app to Android, Apple and Kindle devices. The App introduces children to 41 of the “big” Bible stories and helps them understand the overall story that the Bible is telling. Throughout each story, fun, interactive animations and keep children engaged, and select stories even include games designed to help them learn, understand and retain important Bible story concepts.

Catholic Kids Media: YouTube Channel

Catholic Kids Media provides quality Catholic programming for kids to help parents and teachers instruct children in the Catholic faith and practices. These videos tackle questions such as “What is the Eucharist?” and “What is the Trinity”

Loyola Press Catholic Resources

Loyola Press Catholic Resources are a library of activities for the family, the liturgical year, sacraments, saints, Scripture, and tradition.


Flat Jesus

Flat jesus Website Banner

How to create your very own Flat Jesus:

1. Print out the template – on heavy cardstock paper if possible.

2. Be creative! Decorate Flat Jesus. Think about what, if anything, his robe should say. What color and type of hair does your Flat Jesus have? Any accessories?

3. Make one for yourself and one for a friend!

4. Place a reminder on the back of your Flat Jesus on how and where to send pictures of your Flat Jesus’ adventures. Send pictures to

5. If you have access to a laminating machine, laminate your Flat Jesus. This way if he attempts to walk on water he’ll be protected!

6. Take your Flat Jesus everywhere with you and take lots of pictures and then share them with us.

7. Talk with family and friends about what you and Flat Jesus experienced.


Faith Formation for Children 2020-2021       

We want to welcome all our families who are registering for the coming year.

Please print and complete a new Registration Form for each child that you will be registering for Faith Formation here at St. Mary’s, Dartmouth.

If your family is new to St. Mary’s please attach a copy of your Child’s Baptism certificate if they were baptized at a church other than St. Mary’s, Dartmouth.

If you have any questions regarding registration please contact Beni Costa-Reedy, Director, Parish Faith Formation at or 508-992-7505.


Sacramental Preparation 

Please remember that those children who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist are required to participate in a two year program.

Registration Fees 2020 – 2021

Per Family $70.00

Schedule for Grades K-6

Saturday Classes (Parish Center):

Kindergarten  9:00 am
Grade 3 9:00 am or 10:45 am
Grade 4 9:00 am or 10:45 am
Grade 5 9:00 am or 10:45 am

Sunday Classes (Church):

Grade 1 – First Reconciliation Preparation 10:00 am
Grade 2 – First Communion Preparation 10:00 am

Our Sacramental Prep Sessions run in cycles during our 10:00 am Mass.
We provide 3 cycles throughout the year to help families with scheduling.

Please choose a cycle in which your family and child can attend 6 consecutive sessions. (Sessions run on alternating weeks)


For more information please call 508-992-7505 or email

Faith Formation Office Hours

Due to the current events our office is closed until further notice.

Please feel free to call us at 508-992-7505 as we will be checking messages
or email us at

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