Come, Lord Jesus

I received a phone call at the rectory on Monday night before I went to spend some time with the EDGE students (7th and 8th graders) that stopped me in my tracks.  The call went something like this…

“Good evening, St. Mary’s.”
“Yes, Father?”


“Why did you put Christmas lights in your windows?”

“I didn’t”

“Yes, you did.  I just drove right by the rectory and the Christmas lights are in the windows.”
“No, actually, those are my Advent decorations.”

“No, I saw Christmas lights.”

“Madame, we put lights in our window as a sign that we are ready and waiting for the Lord to come into our hearts and homes.”

“I’ve never heard of that.”

And that is where the conversation ended.  This Advent, one of the shortest we can have, is a time when we prepare to welcome Jesus both as an infant child who lived among us but also we await his glorious coming at the end of time when he will free us from everything that separates us from truly loving God and loving our neighbor.  Take some time in between parties and presents and pastries and pies to ask yourself if the flame of faith that was given to you in baptism shines brightly ready to welcome our Savior. 

Oh, and don’t forget….next time you see a house glowing with ADVENT candles in the windows utter a little prayer….Come, Lord Jesus!!


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