Bring it on…

Monday, October 29, 2012.  Hurricane Sandy.  Will she be the perfect storm? When I woke at 5:30AM this morning it wasn’t to the pleasant sound of a pop song coming from my tiny alarm clock.  It was the whipping sound of the wind that is constantly picking up speed along the South Coast of Massachusetts.  There are still several unknown variables at play with the latest bout of weather we have been dealt.  Will Sandy knock out the power?  If so, for how many minutes, hours or days?  Will there be flooding around high tide?  Will I lose my internet connection?  Talk about a worse case scenario!  Well, if you are reading these words, you still are “connected” so you can count your lucky stars!  All joking aside, Hurricane Sandy, or the remnants thereof, promise to deal a severe blow to these parts.  Despite the fact that the parish of Saint Mary’s has followed the lead of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town of Dartmouth and have canceled all activities, yours truly still has a funeral at 10AM and a committal at a cemetery.  Not to mention, I still need to make the rounds at the hospital.  When I inquired yesterday at the funeral home if there was a contingency plan, no response was given.  Lots of unknowns all around and so, as the Eagle Scout I am….bring it on….I am prepared!


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