Adult Faith Formation



Director:  Beni Costa-Reedy   508-992-7505

What:  This program is designed for men and women who wish to become Catholic. The Catechumens, adults who have never been baptized in any

Christian religion and the Candidates, baptized non-catholics, make up the membership of this group. Sessions are held on a regularly scheduled basis.

A team of adult catechists who work with the director will work to help guide the adult through a time of preparation and liturgical celebrations.

The Catechumens are baptized and the candidates received into the church and both groups are confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass each year.  

Those who wish to prepare for full initiation or to participate as catechists can receive more information by  calling the Faith Formation Office.

The same program for children is also available.

Where: St. Mary Parish Center

When: TBD



Facilitator: Lou Garibaldi  

What: This group for adults gathers to share, reflect and prepare for the following Sunday’s Readings by Using Sunday by Sunday, from Good Ground Press.

 All are welcome to join us when they can.

Where: Classroom 6

When: Monday mornings from 10:00-11:30am