6th Sunday in Ordinary Time



About a year ago, I joked in a homily that it quickly became apparent to me after moving to Dartmouth that STOP signs have a significant meaning here.  They really don’t mean STOP they mean more like glide.  It always amazes me to witness, oftentimes on a daily basis, the fact that people in Dartmouth, whether they live here or not, view these large, red signs (that are universally known) as something optional or something that can be interpreted to mean whatever the driver wants it to mean.  (If you are a Dartmouth police officer and you are reading this, please forgive me if I have slipped into this gliding but I’ve been conditioned by my fellow Darmouthites!)  We sometimes think laws are too restrictive and take away our freedoms and such.  However, following laws and abiding by those things that have been set in place are meant to protect us and to make society flow with a rhythm and pattern that give us a pattern of life that brings about harmony.  In Saint Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians, Paul is seemingly obsessed with wisdom, as we ought to be.  Wisdom and becoming wise, are things that take years to obtain.  Once we have obtained wisdom, we see why laws and abiding by them contribute to the overall well-being of society and do not restrict us but rather, help us to foster a better place in which to live.  Every country, state, city/town, organization are governed by laws.  The Church is also governed laws which are meant to help us build up the Kingdom of God here and now but also help us to function as a holy society of believers.  As we sang in the psalm response this 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, “Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord” we realize that following Divine Law is so important in bringing about a community that is holy.  Perhaps as we ponder wisdom and laws we can looks for ways for bringing about truth and justice in our homes, places of employment, our church and the community at large so that we can begin to see the wisdom that comes from following the law of the Lord.  (Oh, and perhaps we can all try to do a better job at stopping at STOP signs here in Dartmouth 🙂



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