18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hard to believe that August is here!  Actually, the mother of a friend of mine used to say that with the arrival of July 4th, summer is basically over and done.  I am not willing to go that far but suffice to it to say that we realize that August indicates that things are about to change.  Parents will soon be purchasing new backpacks and school supplies; perhaps new outfits will be purchased.  Summer camps will be coming to the end and our roadways will return to a more normal type of traffic pattern.  There is also another type of change that I would like to meditate upon this 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time and it is the lovely invitation that we heard proclaimed in the First Reading from the Prophet Isaiah.  It is fairly brief so I will paste it here:

“Thus says the LORD: All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come, receive grain and eat; Come, without paying and without cost, drink wine and milk! Why spend your money for what is not bread; your wages for what fails to satisfy? Heed me, and you shall eat well, you shall delight in rich fare.

Come to me heedfully, listen, that you may have life. I will renew with you the everlasting covenant, the benefits assured to David.”(Is 55:1-3)

It is easy and frankly all too easy to forget that our God wants nothing more than to comfort us when we need to be comforted.  There is nothing more that He desires than to allow us to experience the care that He has for each of us.  Of course, He also issues a challenge to each of us to take care of those in need.  Throughout the course of the year, members of the Social Concerns Ministry and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society taking care of those who need to be comforted.  These last two years that I have been the pastor here, it never ceases to amaze me at the generosity of our community of faith during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  Tags are taken and food and gifts are returned with such love that it edifies me.  But here is a thought: at each of the entrances to our church, there are baskets that are used to collect food and that food is brought to food pantries each week.  People need to be comforted at all times of the year.  Perhaps next weekend, before you come to church, you can take a bag and fill it with some can goods or dry goods so that we bring comfort to those in need!



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